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Stephen has produced successful voice-over demos for many experienced voice-over professionals, including established TV and radio broadcasters, as well as students new to the business; including those associated with WWL, WLOX, NPR affiliates, and other radio stations throughout the region and further afield - and which have been accepted by leading talent agencies nationwide and overseas.


His full demo production services include intensive coaching and rehearsal of scripts and with a final session in the recording booth, prior to the resultant demo being edited and produced.

Alternatively, Stephen can coach, rehearse, and record your demo remotely using Source Connect, which enables your recordings to be made in Stephen's studio from your set-up no matter where in the world you may be. Please click on the Source Elements logo below to find out more about Source Connect software.


Examples of recent demos can be heard by clicking here to listen to client samples (link yet to be activated).


Please do not ask us to "fast-track" your demo production. We will be happy to produce your demo when you are ready and you have received sufficient coaching and attained a sufficient standard to make this step.

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